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Joan Dooley
September 15
I never had a problem connecting to my…Good Job!
I never had a problem connecting to my party or my balance. The call go through and are very clear and my balance is always correct.
Yvonne webb
September 4
Great !
Great !! Easy to use and reliable. You even have customer service. I give a 5 even though I loss money on a digicel plan I bought for Jamaica. I also wish the recurring numbers will show up again so I won’t have to keep putting the numbers in.
Shaye B
September 3
Great app
Great app. Never had a problem making calls. Havent figured out how to make off line calls yet but the app works very well for me so far been using it for about 2 weeks.
Andrea Unruly
August 25
Great service
Great service Credit is put on in a timely manner
August 25
Very Satisfied Client
I am a long time Telephone Jamaica customer. On the morning of August 24th 2019 I made a purchase and accidentally applied the credit to my phone instead the Mobile Recharge number. I submitted credit request for my error and to my surprise in less than five minutes a received a response from customer service cancelling the order and crediting my account. I was able place a new order to the Mobile Recharge number. FIVE START RESPONSE. NOW This is what I call SERVICE!!! Keep up the good work. Thank You.
mikeisha shaw
August 25
I normally don't write reviews but with…
I normally don't write reviews but with such great service as you've provided me over the years, I couldn't help myself!!! Thanks a bunch!!! 😀😊🤗
Kenneth Sobratti Jr
August 20
Telephone is a really good…
Telephone is a really good service that helps keep me in contact with my friend that's overseas. Their service is fast and gives no problems. If you know someone or family that lives overseas give this service a try.
August 16
Easy to recharge my mobile and no…
Easy to recharge my mobile and no problem whatsoever.
Jermaine McCook
August 16
Good reliable and convenient service !!
Good reliable and convenient service !!
Antonette Campbell
August 10
Very easy to use
Very easy to use. Only one issue. I would like rod add the dollar amount with digicel.
Michael Wallace
August 10
No problems at all
No problems at all. Always works.
Sophia M
August 8
Great service
Great customer regrets using them for about 3 years.♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍
MC Cole
August 8
It's good for calling anywhere in the…
It's good for calling anywhere in the world, and I got to call my country with ease. call rates to my country are much more higher than other..why?
Lascelles Beckford
August 7
Telephone Jamaica.Com
Great service but still hope call charges to Jamaica could be further reduce to reflect those to other countries even more distanced than Jamaica.
Trina Sanders
August 6
Great rates to keep in touch..
Great rates and it help keeps our family in Jamaica with reasonable and affordable phone rates to keep in contact with us.
Patrica Domotor
August 3
The service is amazing
The service is amazing! Fast and secure.
August 2
Excellent service
Excellent service
E. G. Smith
August 1
I have been using…
I have been using for a few years now and I have not had a problem to date.
Shaun Clarke
July 31
Never had any problems with this company I recommend
Donovan Wint
July 31
Up to this point in time I have not had…
Up to this point in time I have not had any negative experience with this outfit, I am not a high tech kind of person or fan so I try to keep it simple and this AP so far has enabled me to do so, I wish I could do a little more with it but I don't want to get into the weeds and get lost.